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Project Description

This project includes Windows Embedded Compact7 Platform Builder Project file and SDK configuration for Bluetooth application build. Because Compact7 requires one SDK for VS2008 application development base, this project provides an easy startup method for doing so.

You can use this project code resource for 2 usage cases:

1. Compact7 Project file for Test OS image build

The Project file BTCompact.pbxml includes 2 (ARMv7 and x86) BSP for the reference OS image to test bluetooth functions. By using Visual Studio 2008 (pro or above) and Embedded Compact7 platform Builder toolkit you can build the OS image for this purpose.

2. Compact7 prebuild SDK for Bluetooth Application build

The Project file also contains Export SDK configuration for x86/ARMv7 build and pre-built SDK installer BTCompact7_SDK.msi. Then you can install and use this SDK with Visual Studio 2008, as a C++ native and C# managed application development base.

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